• Dust Buildup Can Be Seriously Hazardous

    Dust accumulation behind furniture can lead to health risks, electrical damages, and even fires.

    Build up of dust in certain places is highly dangerous and it collects around surfaces that we don’t often see. A lot of extension cords, power outlets, and strip plugs are usually located behind beds, desks, and other large pieces of furniture to hide them away.

    While it’s normal to have some dust accumulation, having a thick layer on your appliance plugs isn’t. This and other materials can combine and form combustible dust which is the cause of most electric fires. This dust can also attract bed bugs and other critters to live in the plug holes in your walls and lead to even more internal wire failure.


    To avoid this, follow these simple tips to stay on top of dust buildup behind your larger pieces of furniture.


    • Pull out power cord strips out to wipe the layers of dust off.


    • Every month or two, pull away furniture to remove any trash, dust, and any other pieces of life that fall behind.


    • Always make sure your cords aren’t too tangled together.  Friction and too much wear and tear can add to the risk of fires starting.

    We recently cleaned a house facing this issue behind a bed; now it’s thankfully cleaned!

    Hopefully these simple tips can save you some peace of mind knowing your home is less at risk of fire damage by simply cleaning the dust off your power outlets.

    Happy cleaning!

    - Do you need me? Cleaning Professionals

  • How my father helped my business grow

    On Father's Day we honor our husbands and fathers, showing them our appreciation for who they are.

    I owe my entrepreneur abilities to my father. For 63 years he has been in the automobile business where I learned skills from him such as honesty, caring about those that surround you in your business, and being sincere in your work. That is our culture at DYNM, to nurture our clients and employees as if they were family.

    Dad taught me to be patient and listen when a client or an employee needed my help to solve a problem. He also taught me to be grateful for each and every communication, as everyone is an important lifeline of the business. He told me to always appreciate our clients and make them feel special, while rewarding the hard work from the employees, who arrive at the office with smiling faces.

    My husband, Tom Rawcliffe, has also been a large part of our success. His experience as a CIO has helped DYNM in many ways, taking the role of cleaner, operations manager, vacuum repairer, and confidant. He taught me to learn from the negative and appreciate the positive aspects of being in business. His calm, engineer’s approach to problem solving taught me to slow down and look at every negative as an opportunity to do better.

    Thank you both for all the love and guidance over the years to help Do you need me? blossom into the business that it is today. I love you both so much!


  • Friends & Family Spring Cleaning Offer

    Spring is just around the corner and we’re eager to get outside, but is your house in order?

    Along with that spring fever comes that urge to clean and organize our homes and offices. Of course, there’s nothing like the feeling of starting fresh and clearing out the dust and cobwebs of winter.

    Instead of being stuck inside cleaning all spring, why not leave it to us. As a family owned business, it’s important to us that you to spend more time with your friends and families outdoors. For a limited time, we are offering our Friends and Family Spring Cleaning deal, which will help you do just that!

    For our loyal customers, get 50% off your next cleaning when you refer a friend* or a FREE cleaning altogether after you’ve referred three!**

    You don’t need to be a current client to take advantage of the spring savings, however. For new and prospective customers, we are offering $25 off your first cleaning. Just share this blog with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter and mention it when you contact us.

    Please remember that we are currently only serving Central Bucks and Eastern Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania right now.

    * Offer valid after referral’s first cleaning
    ** Offer valid after referral’s 3rd cleaning

    Ready to get fired up with cleaning this spring? Stay tuned for our Spring Cleaning 7-Day Challenge next month!

    Here are a few tips for you to get started:

    • Dust top to bottom, back to front to ensure you get all of those winter cobwebs
    • Wipe your windowsills with a damp cloth, but don’t forget to open windows and get the insides too
    • Combat pollen on your glass doors with a window cleaner and damp cloth wiping side to side

    Happy cleaning!

    - Do you need me? Cleaning Professionals

  • Hello and Welcome

    Greetings my fellow homeowners, cleaners, and housekeeping enthusiasts!

    My name is Renee Rawcliffe and I am the founder and owner of Do you need me? Cleaning Professionals LLC located in Warrington, PA. I’m a proud wife and loving mother of three—yes, including my dog, Donnie—and I just love to clean. That’s why in 2003, I decided to officially go into business to help others live fuller, healthier lives with cleaner offices and homes.

    Some of you may know that we have been a proud partner of Cleaning for a Reason and Cleaning for Heroes for over 10 years now. These organizations help women going through cancer treatments as well as our disabled veterans. Having gone through breast cancer myself, helping others in need has always been a big part of our company's culture.

    Over 10 years later, we’re reinventing our brand and extending our reach to those in need across the globe. What does that mean for you? It means quality cleaning tips, including before and after imagery, video tutorials, promotions, and ways for you to spend less time scrubbing and more time doing the things you love.

    For our current clients, this means exclusive tips on how to keep your home looking nicer longer after our teams have left and special promotions, even for new and prospective clients.

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    I’m so excited to be bringing the Do you need me? philosophy now to my blog for everyone. Remember, we need you too! I highly encourage you to leave comments, tips of your own, or even topics you’d like us to cover in the future. Don’t be afraid to contact us directly with any questions you may have as well. By sharing our knowledge, I hope we can all work towards a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

    Have a clean day!

    - Renee